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Idaho employers play an integral role in the success of Idaho Gives, and it’s our responsibility to inform employees about the opportunity to give, encourage them to learn about the nonprofit work going on in their communities, and for us to give both as a company and personally

"Supporting Idaho Gives is a no-brainer for us. We hope other employers will see how easy and fun it is to be involved and find their own unique ways to participate.” – Kent Oram, Idaho Central Credit Union CEO


Last year 293 Idaho Central employees supported over 300 Idaho nonprofits. Take a look at the testimonials below and see why ICCU LOVES Idaho Gives.

"I love being able to choose the local organization I’m donating to. Knowing that it goes directly to them, and how it’s helping in a real way! ICCU’s team member match makes it even better!"
-Eric Johnson

"It is inspiring to see so many people across the entire state of Idaho come together for this day of giving! I love how easy it is to find and donate to organizations that I care about. Knowing that our donations are doubled by Idaho Central's generous match makes it even more exciting!"
-Lisa Graef Davis

"I agree with Eric and Lisa. It's so neat to see how generous the folks in our great state are. I always like to follow the organization's I donate to throughout the day and see where they end up. ICCU's match is pretty incredible!"
-Amy Black

"I love the day-long buzz that gets the whole state focused on and excited about the nonprofit organizations serving communities here in Idaho!"
-MaryDawn Christenson Barnard

"I love the opportunity to support my favorite organizations and get them extra money both through our match and through possible bonus money from Idaho Gives Golden Tickets. It is also inspiring to watch so many people give so much to so many."
-Rachel Marie Cossel

"I love that ICCU cares enough to match donations and allows us to pick something that matters to each of us individually!"
-Krista Dyer

"I love that there are so many organizations to choose from when donating. I like to choose a few different ones that I am passionate about and watch the movement throughout the day. It is amazing of ICCU to match our donations.💚"
-Jennifer Nalley

"I love that it’s local and you to chose. I love that I can donate to one or to six and it’s going directly to the non profit of my choice.💚"
-Rachel Stoddard

"I love that I am able to provide help to Non Profits throughout the State of Idaho and my donations are doubled thanks to the generosity of ICCU to match our contributions!"
-Deanna Turner

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