2021 Prizes Rules and FAQs

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Q. Where does the prize money come from?

All prize money is funded by the generous contributors of the Award Pool Sponsors. They are the best!

Q. How are organizations chosen for prizes?

Most prizes are drawn randomly - based on the specifications for each prize category (more info below). However, the Leaderboard Prizes are determined by the most unique donors in each size category (more info below).

Q. When are the prizes chosen/announced?

Prizes are announced at the time specified in the prize category (see below).

Q. How are prizes announced

They are announced via social media and on the Prize page.

Q. How many times can my organization win a prize?

An organization can win multiple prizes, but can only win one Beaming Board. For example, an organization can win the Early Bird Prize before Idaho Gives kicks off, then also win a Leaderboard Prize once donations close. However, no organization can win more than one Beaming Board.

Organizations can win up to three (3) drawn prizes (not including Leaderboards, First donation, $1 Millionth Dollar Donor, $1.9 Millionth Dollar Donor, Global Giver, and Nifty 50).

*All prize winners are subject to change pending verification 

Q. What are all the different prizes?

View the prize schedule below or head to our prizes page

Q. How will my organization know if we’ve won a prize?

We will announce the winners on social media and on the Prize page under the individual prize descriptions.

Q. Can people be in the Philanthropic Photo? What about animals?

Yes and yes! You are welcome to include whatever you like in your photo as long as it also includes some Idaho Gives swag (like a t-shirt or Facebook frame). Please keep it family-friendly and use the hashtag: #IdahoGives.

Q. Do my board members need to donate a certain amount to be considered for the Beaming Board prize?

As long as each board member donates the minimum Idaho Gives donation amount ($10.00) then your organization will be considered for the beaming board prize. You will need to submit all required information through the link on the prize page.

Q. What is an online/verified prize?

An online/verified prize means that there is a unique email attached to each online, offline, and DAF donation.

Q. Does my organization have to get a single $1,000 donation for the Mega Match prize or can it be multiple donations that add up to $1,000 and are then matched?

Here’s how it works: Raise at least $1,000 in donations from any number of donors, then have a board member or for-profit company match those donations with another $1,000, resulting in a total of $2,000. You are then entered into the drawing for the Mega Match prize.

Q. Can my organization still be eligible for the Surpass the Past prize if we didn’t participate in 2020 but did in 2019 or earlier?

Unfortunately you are only eligible to receive this prize if you participated in Idaho Gives in 2020.

Q. My organization won a prize! When and how will I receive it?

Congratulations! We will be sending checks to all of the winners after the conclusion of Idaho Gives.

Q. What if my organization doesn’t receive any donations through Idaho Gives?

As long as you complete the available trainings we will refund your registration fee after Idaho Gives concludes.