2018 Prizes Rules and FAQs

View the full list of 2018 Prizes and Winners here!

Where does the prize money come from?

All prize money is funded by the generous contributors of the Award Pool Sponsors. They are the best!

How are organizations chosen for prizes?

Most prizes are drawn randomly - based on the specifications for each prize category (more info below). However, the Leaderboard Prizes are determined by the most unique donors in each size category (more info below).

When are the prizes chosen/announced?

Prizes are announced at the time specified in the prize category (see below).

How are prizes announced

They are announced via social media.

How many times can you win a prize?

An organization can win multiple prizes, but can only win one Golden Ticket or 5 by 5. For example, an organization can win the Early Registration Prize during the 24-hour day but also win a Leaderboard Prize once donations close on the day after. However, no organization can win more than one Golden Ticket or 5 by 5 Prize. Also, if an organization won a Golden Ticket, they are not eligible for a 5 by 5 prize and vice versa.

What are all the different prizes?

View the prize breakdown below or head to our prizes page here